Monday, September 24, 2012

Rio Salado Casting Club

September 29, 2012 RSCC Club Cast

When: 7:00 AM September 29 planned activities include:

                      Trout Fly
                      5wt Distance, Angler's Fly Demo

: Granada Park, 6505  N 20 St. Phoenix, AZ (map)

Usual accuracy skills apply, as well as roll cast accuracy & distance. Fun game! The 5wt Combination game specs & rules can be viewed here. Specs and rules for all ACA games can be reviewed in the ACA rulebook.

You’ll want a zippy roll cast for Trout Fly.

At 7:00 AM sharp Larry Allen & Randy Mandt will explain and demo 2 key skills: distance roll casts and line management - lengthening and shortening line while false casting.

Practice is from 7:30 - 8:00. From 8 AM on, weʼre invited to play Trout Fly.

Trout Fly consists of 3 rounds to 5 targets in 6 minutes. Target order is up the ladder from near to far.

1st round (Dry Fly round) - Start fly in hand, unlimited false casts to each target. Strip line from reel while false casting.
2nd round (Wet Fly round) - Strip line in and stack. Start fly in hand, unlimited false casts to first (red) target. 1 false cast, shoot line to successive targets.
3rd round (Roll Cast round) - roll cast to each target. Caster advances to each target by successfully hitting the previous target. Final target must be “hit” within 15 tries or 6 minutes, whichever applies first.

Following practice, members are eligible to cast for score. Playing actual games are a great way to become familiar with judging and scoring and the games give one insight to developing skills. Thereʼs a measurable transition from feeling a bit fumbly initially, to feeling increasingly accomplished. A good feeling!

Getting Ready:

A good practice exercise is to make 3 roll casts, then 3 pickup and lay downs. Repeat. Note your rod stop position on each. If you’re particularly satisfied with any one of your casts, try to stop your rod in the same position for both the roll cast and the regular forward cast. Repeat. [Practice tip courtesy of Chris Korich.]

What to Bring:
  • Trout Fly: 8’6” - 9’ 5 or 6wt rod, 5 - 6 wt floating line, 7 1/2’ 0X leader, 3 or 4X tippet 20”.
  • 5wt combo: maximum 9’ 1” 5wt rod, [weight forward] 5wt floating line, 7 - 9’ 0X leader, 4X tippet 18”.
  • Bring a chair, water, snacks, sunblock, rain gear.
After a nearly 3 month summer hiatus it will be nice to see everyone and see everyone getting back in their casting groove. Cooler temps are the perfect time for RSCC members to bring their fly, casting/fishing games up a notch and have fun doing it.

The 2012 - 2013 season will be exciting. Ten RSCC members plan to travel to San Francisco in October for the GGACC Northwest Regional Casting Tournament. Intriguing things about tournaments to contemplate:

1. Participants bring back helpful casting tips learned while away.
2. RSCC looks forward to hosting a regional tournament of our own - wouldn’t that be fun!

*Accuracy plugs and flies are available for a $1.50 and $2.00 donation, respectively.
*Membership forms are available online here, click the RSCC Membership Form icon.