Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Word

Leaving Idaho

Coming from Arizona, I'm a little defensive when people ask, with a mix of pity and incredulity, "Where do you fish?". It's no secret Arizona has very good year round fishing, but let's get real.... We've got a lot of desert down south and we don't enjoy the abundence of beautiful trout streams our Rocky Mountain neighbors do. Though they needn't worry, well meaning folk seem genuinely concerned for our angling well being.

While one could contentedly fish northern Arizona all summer, never leave home, never tire of quality trout fishing, we adventure fished Idaho, late July, early August. No matter where one is, fly fishing isn't a paint by number sport; by its very nature, it leaves room for chance surprise. The "adventure" character of our trip lay in the fact that everything was new: edged with uncertainly, possibility and discovery. Without exception, our experience was delightful, even more so with the satisfying realization that we aren't too stodgy to go adventuring!

So how does one get from Idaho to Arizona?

By way of Utah, of course!

© Marian Tallon, September, 2012