Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Gift for the Fun Loving Flyfisher

Every Season is the Perfect Season to Get Your Cast On!

Fly fishers are easy to shop for. Initially, there's no end to the gear and geegaws we need or want. Once equipped, we still add to our stockpile of rigs, or take up 2-handed casting, or outfit ourselves for a saltwater trip. Even the angler who has it all likely still needs 1 more thing - a cast! It's an essential, not an accessory... love fishing, love your cast.

The thrill is your skill!

Fishing is where you go, casting is what you do when you get there - that is, if you want to catch fish. Like the rest of your kit, you bring your cast with you. Whether you're headed to a mountain stream cloaked in romance, a big river choked with boulder beds & tricky currents, tight mangrove coves or breezy flats, you prep and pack your gear. Along with rods, reels, flies, get your cast ready to go. It's fun & it'll forever change your fishing - Phoenix Fly Casting.

© Marian Tallon, December, 2012