Sunday, July 1, 2012


Thinking of getting from A to B and back again.

Broken wrist, sprained ankle - phooey. Yippee, we're on our way - joyous adventure, here we come!

A - B more or less.
How we get from A - B
A la Comfort Inn.
In style.
B - A more or less.

Here's the gist: Phoenix Fly Casting Instructors are hitting the road. We're on the lamb from the heat and we've exciting "stuff" to do. We'll be teaching, taking classes, having fun, learning a lot and doing some fishing along the way. Unless we come to our senses, we'll be back in early August.

If you're anxious for a casting instructor in our absence, give a call & we'll give you a referral. Valley residents/visitors are lucky, we have some of the best instructors in the country right in our own backyard. Cheerio!

© Marian Tallon, July, 2012