Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rio Salado Casting Club Summer News

July & August Sizzle; It's Just Too Darn Hot!

Like those of us lucky enough to hightail it out of town for the summer, Rio Salado Casting Club is taking a break during July and August. Club casts will resume when we can look forward to cooler temps... Saturday, September 29.

September 29 planned activities include Trout Fly, Angler's Fly or 5wt Distance & 1/4oz Spin Plug Accuracy. Time & location will be announced in a future notice.

Specs and rules for Trout Fly were in last month's newsletter. Usual accuracy skills apply, as well as roll cast accuracy & distance. Fun game! Specs and rules for Angler's Fly, 1/4oz Spin (ACA games) can be reviewed in the ACA rulebook. The 5wt Combination game specs & rules can be viewed here.

It may not be breaking news that the blazing heat is the summer norm for the valley, but it's good news there will be RSCC casts during the fall and spring. Ahh!

© Marian Tallon, July, 2012