Thursday, August 23, 2012

Camping with the Stars * - those stars

Ah the good life...

After 5 weeks and 5 days, we're safely back in Arizona. We dashed to Washington for the Fly Fishing Fair and took our sweet time coming home. For 27 days we camped and fished. Each night we slept to the sound of water lapping shoreline, or a river or creek rushing by our screen door.

We had slim trip plans, but some things were as expected. We met friends along the way; we met a pack of new friends and we spent time with best friends.

Greeting a pal along the way
New friends
Our swanky Washington digs
At home with best Friends
More friends

 A more thoroughly planned route and maybe we would have had just 1 Idaho license each - oh well. Our Idaho trip began in Washington and once there, it was hard to leave.

Minimal planning
Patience, trip pics are forthcoming

Go figure

Over the month and a half, the pickup was like a big suitcase. Never having been on the trail for so long we did amazingly well on packing just what we needed.

Totally unexpected however, (we were in the Pacific Northwest) camping, we didn't need our rain gear at all.

ur trip was perfect, though we decided it wasn't long enough to do everything under the sun we wanted to do. We've hit upon a brilliant solution, another trip!

Montana 2013

© Marian Tallon August 2012