Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Public & Private Self...

I'm reasonably private, but I've stepped up publicly: I've an online profile, a website, a blog - obviously. Still, I don't tweet, don't chat, I haven't a BuzzFeed, no RSS, though I'm not ungrateful, I delete LinkedIn invita-
tions. I'm not on Facebook - yet. I've not added anyone to Circles, no favorites on Google+, no one virtually "likes" me on FB. I'm no Luddite, but so far, my private self is content with people who actually know me, liking me in real life.

Need a secretary to sort my address book.
All this may change, but for now I get by with a telephone, cell phone sans snazzy apps, an old-fashioned television set - no cable, an AM/FM radio, desktop computer. I browse the web, email, text and receive mail delivered by a US Postal Service Carrier. I'm not as fastidiously organized as most techies, but I pretty much know where everything is.

I think social media is great and though I've been ploddingly reluctant to fully embrace it, kind people from around the country and around the world have added me to their Circles and invited me to share their pictures & posts on Facebook.... I have yet to reciprocate in kind because, while flattering, I think it's less about me and instead is completely about the camaraderie that is fishing. Put that way, when you think about it, social media and fishing have a lot in common. One can connect the 2 together with the click of a button.

Casablanca for example...

Compliments of social media, I've been introduced to Ahmed Mahi, who has in turn introduced me to the kind of fish swimming inland and off the coast of Morocco.

Small world
I have friends and clients who enjoy destination fishing around the globe, however my feet haven't yet taken me everywhere I'd like to go. My knowledge about Morocco is embarrassingly skimpy, and a note of caution - I am an old movie buff.... Otherwise, my experience of Morocco has been gleaned vicariously from a friend. I've an elusive memory and forget the circumstances, but my UK friend and her traveling companion friend somehow ended up penniless in Morocco. Greeted with customary hospitality, they never wanted for anything, and their gracious hosts never indicated whether they knew the traveling duo were penniless or not. Strangers in good company, huh?

Having been "virtually" introduced to Ahmed online, one thing leads to another...a simple search yields plenty info for an eager traveler/angler. Imagine visiting the kasbah, Marrakesh, F̀es, Casablanca, the Sahara. Ooh la la! Imagine fishing the Atlantic, Alboran/Mediterranean Seas. Trout, pike, sea bass, big game fish await the fly fisher and conventional tackle angler. Bon voyage!

...Oh! And  if you want to get ahold of me, both my public and private selves are reasonably accessible,
usually somewhere in North America.

© Marian Tallon, November, 2012

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