Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thus, the Saying...

There's a secret to fly fishing and it's just this: you can easily become fast friends with other fly fishers. A year ago next month, I met my brand new, far from home friend, by pure chance, casting at the casting pond. Where else?

Either he's a skilled fly fisher or a skilled teller of fish stories...even this desert rat is itchy to fish eastern shores with eastern pals. I take him at his word, fly fishers don't exaggerate [much]. We've our gear and gadgets to talk about, our next trip, last trip's critters, the weather, the flows, the hatch, casting, where to camp, who can come along. Leaves little room for tall tales. Yeah, yeah, no one cares; fish that "got away" amount to naught - except to elevate our collective regard for the fish.

I've seen with my own eyes that he's an excellent caster and a brilliant teacher. If you reference his site you'll immediately benefit from his artistry and the fact that he's a more prolific and accomplished photographer than I am.

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You know the saying, paraphrased for angling equality: "Many anglers go fishing all their lives, without knowing it is not the fish they are after."?¹ Right, maybe what we're after, what we're looking for, pales compared to what we find.

¹ Attributed to Henry David Thoreau.